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Radiofrecuéncia Facial


Cosmetic without surgery
What are the shortwave radiation treatments about and which are its instructions?
Shortwave radiations are electromagnetic radiations that vary simultaneously between the electric and magnetic field.
Recent researches have succeeded in implementing this technology in the cosmetic field by creating a technology capable of applying selectively radiofrequency energy into the deep dermis and subdermis layers while the epidermis is protected to be able to struggle against flaccidity and             cellulite.
Radiofrequency generates an electric field that changes from positive to negative generating a rotational movement of those molecules that generate heat. There are two types of radiofrequency: the Bipolar provokes a superficial heating of the skin and the Unipolar produces a heating in the deepest dermis acting on adipose tissue. The radiofrequency device has both Unipolar and Bipolar magnetic heads, so energy to different depth can be applied to treat different types of cellulite as well as facial and other laxities. 
Radiofrequency produces a deep heating that affects the skin and other fat subcutaneous tissues. This heating goes from inside to outside. This heating is going to favour:
            - the lymphatic drainage will reduce liquids and toxins in which adiposities of cellulite tissues are absorbed.
- an increase of circulation in the area will improve the metabolism both of the subcutaneous fat tissue and its skin aspect.
- the formation of new collagen both in the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, will allow all tissues to obtain firmness to the reorganization of fibrous septa and the overlying skin thickening.
- finally, after the controlled thermal lesion with tissue retraction, there is an inflammation that will be accompanied by a fibroblast migration, which will further strengthen the collagen structure giving as a result a rejuvenation of the treated area.
The immediate effect of the radiofrequency application is the collagen retraction, more or less rapidly depending on the cases. However, what is intended to achieve is the gradually deeper collagen restructuration, which includes the creation of new fibres to substitute the aged ones and to create more elastic tissues, favouring the homeostasis and, in general, improving the state of the skin by eliminating traces of the passage of time. This procedure is slower and, depending on the cases and the state of the collagen, happens between two and four months after the treatment. In fact, histologic studies show important changes in the collagen remodelling since the sixth week after the radiofrequency application.
It is a simple procedure. Photos are taken before the session and the treated area is marked with surgical markers. Then, oil is applied over the clean skin and the energy is applied by means of a treatment magnetic head that is constantly moving on the skin. The treatment duration depends on the treated area. In small areas such as arms it usually lasts 25 or 30 minutes but in bigger areas such as fat rolls it can last 45 or 60 minutes.
Once the session is over, an aloe vera gel is applied over the treated areas and the customer is able to do his daily life immediately although he has to avoid the sun and UVA rays for the next 48 hours. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after the session because it helps the last result.
Side effects:
Redding and oedema after the session (temporary but usually present)
Some little ecchymosis in areas of capillary fragility (infrequent)
It is contraindicated in:
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Metal prosthesis, pacemaker, defibrillator or cardioverter carriers
Severe heart diseases
Coagulation disorders
Connective tissue neuromuscular diseases
Patients with significant overweight are not good
Recent collagen implant
To summarize, radiofrequency is considered a therapeutic alternative which is efficient, secure and simple applied to             cellulite and face and body flaccidity.
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